God Wants More For You. So Do We.

About Us

Contact Information

Telephone number: 864-859-6789


We are located at 1991 Saluda Dam Rd. Easley, SC, 29640.

Our Pastors

Our Lead Pastor is Alex Chapman. For more information about Alex, click here.

Our Associate Pastor is Jordan Massey. For more information about Jordan, click here.

Our Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus.

Our Vision

For more information about our vision, please see this post by Pastor Alex: God Wants More For You. So Do We. – georgescreekbaptist.org

Our History

The Georges Creek community dates back to before the Revolutionary War. It received its name from a creek that drains a large portion of the area. The name Georges Creek was applied to the creek during the reign of King George II (1727-1760) of England. Settlers to the Georges Creek area began holding worship services in brush arbors and private homes in 1856. Those initial meetings for worship led to the organization of a church on February 4, 1859. The members of the community built a church building and on August 21, 1859, held a special service to dedicate the new building and the five and three quarter acres that had been donated for “church purposes.” The Georges Creek Church participated in the Twelve Mile Baptist Association until August of 1878, at which time the church became part of the new Piedmont Baptist Association. Since those early days, the church and the community have seen many changes. Our community has grown from a sleepy little village on the outskirts of Easley, SC, to being part of one of the ten fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country with over 50 thousand people living within a five mile radius of the church. The church has grown and gone through a number of building programs, the most recent being the completion of a Family Life Center in 2000. We have seen members called into kingdom ministry, serving here in the United States and on foreign fields. The church has known blessing and hardship. But through it all there has been a consistent hunger for God’s Word, a desire to give God glory, and a willingness to be His servants in our community and beyond. The story of Georges Creek Baptist Church is not finished by any means, and we invite you to be part of the future that God desires to write through the faithful worship and witness of this church family.

Our Denomination

We are a part of the Southern Baptist Denomination.

More Information

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