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Changes Due to Covid-19

Church family, unfortunately we have continued to see a rise in Covid cases not only in Pickens County but also in our church. Covid is beginning to spread among us, so we need to respond wisely and appropriately. I have talked with every deacon, every member of the church council, and contacted every staff member, asking for their input about what we should do. The following decision is a group decision, not coming from a single person, but representing voices from multiple leadership and service groups within the church (staff, deacons, church council). Our desire is to help slow the spread of Covid among us and keep our people safe. Starting this week (1/12/21), we will begin to meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings only- until we see a consistent decrease in the number of Covid cases in Pickens County. After talking with Mouzon and others, we agree that we will also temporarily disband the choir in order to minimize the risk of spread. So, for a temporary duration (Lord willing, only a short time), we will not meet on Sunday evenings or have choir. Again, I want to emphasize that all of these changes are temporary and NOT permanent-as soon as we can, we will continue Sunday evening service and choir. I also want to emphasize again that this was a group decision and one that was made for the well-being and safety of our church family.