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Do Christians Have Guardian Angels?

Ask Pastor Alex, Episode. 53

This is the Ask Pastor Alex podcast with your host, Pastor Alex. All right, we are back with another episode and another question. And the question for this episode is, do Christians have guardian angels? And this is a really interesting question. It comes from a topic that we’re discussing on Wednesday nights right now. So on Wednesday nights in my church, we’ve been studying the book of Revelation for about a year and a half, and we’re about to enter into chapter 12. And so if you do ever want to catch up on any of those sermons or any of our resources, you can go to georgescreekbaptist.org. Or on YouTube, you can search for George’s Creek Baptist Church, and you’ll find all of our sermons you can catch up there.

But in Revelation chapter 12, it talks about the great rebellion against God, where Satan led an army of angels against God, but ultimately God defeated him. And so Satan was cast down to earth, and there was a whole bunch of fallen angels who went with him. And so I thought it was important before we actually discuss that chapter to get our people in the right mindset, to talk about the unseen realm. Because the Bible makes it very clear that there is an entire world all around us that we are just totally unaware of, that we do not see, and most of us don’t pay it any attention. This is a result largely of modernity and postmodernity. Our culture, at least in Westernized cultures, we have dismissed all things spiritual. And so in most Western cultures like America and in Europe, we are materialists. And so people in our world today, they primarily just believe in the material world. They only believe in the things that they can see and touch and experience for themselves. And if they can’t see and touch and experience it, then they don’t believe it’s real. They don’t believe it exists. 

But I have this fear that many Christians in Westernized cultures have become Christian materialists where we go about our daily lives and we don’t pay any attention or any mind to the unseen realm around us. We will make an exception. We will say, well, I know God exists and I can’t see Him. And I know that there’s a devil and I know that there’s angels and demons, but they’re somewhere else. They’re not here. And so we don’t believe in anything other than God and the angels and demons and Satan except for the things that we can see. We only believe in the things that we can see with those exceptions. And that’s to our detriment. Because when you read the Bible cover to cover, it is filled with angels and demons and spiritual forces and brings to light the reality of this unseen realm. And so what I wanted to do on Wednesday nights was take a couple of weeks to talk about this unseen realm and to show what the Bible has to say about it. What does the Bible say about angels and about demons and about the spiritual works of darkness that are present in our world today? What do angels in our world look like today? What is their purpose? How do they function and serve? What do demons look like today and how can we spot them in their work?

 And so we’re starting that on Wednesday nights and we started this past Wednesday with talking about angels. And we were talking about what the Bible says about angels. And the Bible says angels are created beings. They are not God. And so angels are not to be worshiped. They’re not to be prayed to. They are created beings and they are majestic, but they’re not even the most glorious thing God created. The Bible says the most glorious thing God created was humanity because we are made in the image of God and we get to inherit salvation. Angels do not get to partake in salvation, but we do. Angels are not made in the image of God, but we are. And so angels, they are majestic. So we’re talking about what they were, how they function. And so this naturally led to the question at the end of our discussion, do Christians have guardian angels? And this is a very common belief in our world today. A lot of people today would believe that Christians have their own guardian angel. Now they can’t defend this biblically and they can’t point to a single verse that says that we do, but they just have this belief within their hearts that all Christians have a guardian angel. And so my question is, well, what does the Bible say about that? What can we derive from the biblical evidence about whether or not Christians have guardian angels? 

And so I think we need to talk about the purpose of angels. The Bible says very clearly that angels, they glorify God, they praise God, they serve on the divine counsel with God in heaven, and they carry out God’s will on earth. But very importantly, the Bible says in Hebrews 1, 14, of the angels, are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation? So pay attention to that very closely. The Bible says that one of the main purposes of angels, one of the whole reasons for their existence is that they are to serve God’s people. They are to care for God’s people, to protect God’s people, to guide God’s people, to serve them and be ministering spirits to them. And we see countless examples of this all throughout the Bible, from Genesis all the way to Revelation. If you want a couple examples, you can just look at the book of Acts. In the book of Acts, for instance, angels are constantly showing up to minister to God’s people, to help them. I mean, you see angels will show up and they’ll break God’s people out of prison. You’ll have angels show up and direct God’s people, like the angel who appeared to Philip and told him to go witness to the Ethiopian unit. You have angels who will appear to people who are about to hear God’s word, like when the angel appeared to Cornelius and told him a man named Peter is going to come preach to you, you need to pay attention to what he’s saying. You had an angel who appeared to the Apostle Paul on the ship at sea and told the Apostle Paul, hey, this whole ship is about to wreck, but don’t worry because you and everybody on board, you’re going to be saved. And so you see angels constantly popping up in the book of Acts to minister to God’s people. And so what we can say from the Bible about angels is that the entire angelic force, now however many angels there are, we don’t know. The number of angels is innumerable, not infinite, meaning it’s not an indefinite number. It’s just a number that we don’t know. So angels are innumerable, and the Bible is saying that that entire angelic force, all of the angels that do exist, they stand as a ready resource for God’s people. So that in one way seems to indicate that there is such a thing as guardian angels, but not in the personal sense, not in the sense that each individual Christian has an individual angel who’s appointed to them, but rather in the sense that the entire angelic force serve as guardians of God’s people. And at any time, an angel from that force can be directed towards a particular Christian to help minister to that Christian in a time of need. 

So I think we need to be very careful on this topic too, because we can’t be dogmatic, right? There’s not a single Bible verse that says Christians do have a guardian angel, but there’s also no Bible verse that says Christians do not have a guardian angel. So whatever side you fall on in this discussion, you need to be careful not to be dogmatic. You need to be able to extend grace and say, well, I have my view, but if someone disagrees with my view, then that’s okay, because the Bible isn’t explicit on this issue. So to summarize all that, I would just say that the entire angelic force, that innumerable number of angels, they serve as a group to minister to God’s people. And at any time, God can direct an angel, as he has done throughout the scriptures, and you see especially in the book of Acts, can direct an angel to go and minister to one of God’s people or help God’s people in a time of need. 

Now I did, as I was discussing this on Wednesday and preparing my research for Wednesday, I came across a Bible verse that I’ve read so many times and a story that I’ve read so many times, but since I was honing in on angels, I noticed a word in there that I had never noticed before. And this comes from the book of Matthew in chapter 18. It’s a well-known chapter because it’s a chapter in which the little children are coming to Jesus and Jesus receives them, but the disciples are quick to dismiss them because they’re just kids. And so the disciples, they’re trying to get rid of these kids. But Jesus says to let the little children come to him and he sees their faith in him and he’s encouraged by their faith in him and he turns to his disciples and encourages them to have a childlike faith that these kids are displaying in this moment. He says that this type of faith to them who have this childlike faith, to them belongs the kingdom of God. And so Jesus is encouraging this childlike faith and as he goes on, he tells his disciples in verse 10, see that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. Did you just hear what I said? Listen to what the Bible says again, for I tell you that in heaven their angels, that is a possessive pronoun, their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. Their angels, the angels of these children always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. I’ve read that story so many times. I’ve read that verse so many times. I never noticed the possessive personal pronoun there, their. So what do we do with that? I mean that’s a verse that I read it and I went on like a two-hour detour just trying to dissect what this could possibly mean. And I think you could come away with possibly four examples of how do we make sense of what Jesus is saying here. And I think logically there may be four possibilities. 

I think Jesus is possible, he could be saying that these particular children have angels guarding over them in heaven. That’s possible based on that verse. The second possibility is Jesus could be saying that all children everywhere have angels guarding over them in heaven. So it would be saying God loves the little children and because God loves the little children all children have guardian angels watching over them. That is also possible from this verse. A third option would be to say that all Christians everywhere have an angel watching over them in heaven. The next would be to the view that says each individual Christian has an individual angel that’s been assigned to them and watches over them. That is technically possible from this verse. You have to do a little bit of inference, but it is possible. Or fourth, and I think probably most likely this is where I’m landing as of right now, I think it could mean that since these children are believers and we know that they’re believers because Jesus has already acknowledged their faith and commended their faith and told the disciples that they need faith like these children. So since these children are believers, it’s possible that Jesus is saying that because they’re believers, the entire angelic force stands ready to help them and minister to them. That they have the right to angels that every other believer has as well. Which I think follows along with what we’ve been saying from the book of Hebrews. That while we don’t have an individual angel assigned to us for the entire duration of our life, even better than that is that the entire angelic force stands ready to help God’s people and minister to God’s people in a time of need. An angel can be directed and appointed by God to go and care for an individual as the situation calls for it. So I think that’s a really interesting verse. I read that and I was really interested in it and just sat and studied and thought about this for way longer than I probably should have. But this is a really interesting discussion. Again, I think it’s really important for us to recognize the reality of this unseen realm. That there are angels all around us at all times that we just don’t see. There are angels who have come into our lives that we are totally unaware of. The Bible says this in the book of Hebrews chapter 13 and verse 2. It talks about don’t forsake hospitality because some of you have actually entertained angels and been completely unaware of it. And so the Bible says for sure angels are in our world today. They are here to help Christians, to protect Christians, to guide Christians, to minister to Christians in a time of need. And the good news for us is that while we can’t say we each have our own individual angel appointed to us for the duration of our life, we can say that we have as God’s people and by God’s grace the entire number, the innumerable number of angels at our disposal at any given one time and that God can appoint an angel to come and help us in a time of need. And so I think that’s the answer to the question. Do Christians have a guardian angel? I would say no, they don’t have an individual angel appointed to them for the duration of their life. But Christians do have guardian angels in the sense that the angels exist to serve all of God’s people, all of those who are going to inherit salvation and that they do watch over us. They do come into our lives and help us and that we have interacted with them and many of us are totally unaware of it. 

And so I really do appreciate that question. Hopefully we’ll get more questions about angels and demons in the unseen realm as the weeks unfold. And again, if you’re interested in following along with that series, you can find it at  georgescreepbaptist.org or on YouTube at georgescreepbaptistchurch.com. I look forward to answering more in the future.