God Wants More For You. So Do We.

Grow With Others

Acts 2:42 says, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This means that churches must be as committed to fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer as they are to the apostolic teaching.

At Georges Creek, we take that seriously. We want every believer to be discipled and every believer to be discipling another. We truly believe that discipleship and fellowship with other believers is essential to living out the faith. Because of this, we provide a variety of discipleship and fellowship opportunities to help you strengthen your walk no matter your phase of life.

Discipleship and Fellowship Opportunities

Gospel Groups

Gospel Groups are one of the best ways to take what the Bible teaches and learn how to live that out with the help of other believers. Gospel Groups are our small groups. They’re an opportunity to have fellowship with other believers and discuss what the Bible teaches, how to live it out, share our struggles with one another, offer insight to each other, and pray for one another. It’s like having a second family. Our Gospel Groups meet at 5:30pm on Sundays.

Women of the Word (WOW)

Our WOW group is another great opportunity for discipleship and fellowship. It’s an all-ladies Bible study group that meets for a set number of weeks depending on their current study. The studies they cover range in topic and scope, but it’s a great opportunity to learn and connect with other ladies in the church.

Sunday School

Others may find our Sunday School classes a better opportunity for discipleship and fellowship. Though they are geared more towards teaching, those who attend will attest to the fact that the classes are tight knit groups that still encourage open communication and sharing as well as deepen the bonds of fellowship.

Joy Club

Our Joy club is a group of people in the church typically 55 years of age or older who meet once a month over lunch. They also have special gatherings around Christmas as well as other times. This group of believers is full of joy, and it shows! They love gathering together to do life together, share with one another, and encourage one another.


The purpose of the Heartstrings Women’s Ministry is to build up, encourage, and support women in their journey as Christians.  Specific events and activities are planned once a month to deepen one’s Christian faith.  Women are challenged to live lives totally committed to Christ.  Through participation in Heartstrings, women mentor women, build friendships, and develop accountability.  Opportunities to grow in faith include speakers, seminars, evangelism/prayer/ missions related activities, and music. All ages of women are invited to be a part, including teen girls.