God Wants More For You. So Do We.

Holy Week Devotional

The pastoral staff has written a holy week devotional to help immerse us in the life of Jesus as He went about His final week on earth leading up to the cross. We wrote the devotional primarily for our CDC families to encourage them to have family devotion times throughout holy week, taking the opportunity to teach their children about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter. However, we also wanted to make the resource available to our church family as well.

So starting this Sunday and continuing to Easter Sunday, a devotional for that day of holy week will be published on our website at 7 am. Feel free to use it for yourself, share it on social media, or, even better, read it with your children or grandchildren, taking the opportunity to teach them about Jesus. Each day’s devotional is meant to be simple and concise in order to prompt us to spend time contemplating what Jesus was actually going through and experiencing during His last week on earth. We will see that not one day was wasted, every action had meaning, and it all culminates with His death and resurrection.

Don’t let another Easter season pass by without taking time to meditate on what our Lord went through for us. Immerse yourself in His life, see what He saw, feel what He experienced, and marvel at the wonder of it all. Make sure to follow the blog or check back each day after 7 am to read that day’s devotional. May the Lord greatly bless you through it.