God Wants More For You. So Do We.

At Georges Creek, we are passionate about equipping others to be able to serve the Lord. We want to come alongside believers and give them opportunities to get experience in the areas the Lord has called them to serve.

If you’re interested in a pastoral internship, we’ll help you get experience preaching sermons, planning sermon series, participating in pastoral care visits, administering the Lord’s Supper, and leading meetings.

If you’re interested in pastoral counseling, we’ll help you get experience by allowing you to sit in on counseling sessions, progressively add your own input, and eventually, set up your own counseling sessions.

If you’re interested in youth ministry, we’ll allow you to work alongside our Associate Pastor in planning youth events, planning youth lessons, helping teach youth Sunday School, helping lead youth Gospel Groups, and preparing you for every aspect of youth ministry.

If you’re interested in music ministry, you’ll work alongside our Music Team Leader, either working with the choir and learning how to lead a choir or working with the praise team and learning how to be part of and lead a modern praise team.

If you’re interested in media/technology ministry, we’ll place you in the sound room where you’ll learn how to run a sound board, how to equalize audio, how to run the slides for the service, how to input slides for a service, how to create graphics for sermons and slides, and all other aspect of media ministry.

If you’re interested in children’s ministry, we’ll help you get experience planning children’s events, planning children’s lessons, leading children’s Gospel Groups, teaching children’s Sunday School, and leading Wednesday evening children’s activities.

If you’re interested in missions, we’ll place you with our missions team, who oversees the missions activities of the church. You’ll get experience planning missions activities, identifying areas of need, organizing a team of volunteers, leading meetings, and implementing strategic missions activities.

Wherever the Lord has called you to serve, we want to help you get experience in those areas and equip you to do what the Lord has called you to do. Please fill out the form below and check all areas of ministry that you’re interested in.

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