God Wants More For You. So Do We.

Teddi Caldwell

Since 2007 I have been a member of Georges Creek Baptist Church and Director of the Georges Creek Child Development Center. I was raised by God-loving parents who set an example of faithfully serving the Lord, resulting in my giving my own life to Jesus at the young age of five. God has truly worked in my life and allowed me to grow much in my faith over the years. He gave me a passion for singing, and since the age of two I have been singing in churches. In fact, much of my youth was spent traveling with my family serving the Lord with song and praise. In 1993 I married the love of my life, Lowell Caldwell, and we have two wonderful boys. During my “me time,” I enjoy reading and cooking, discovering new ways to cook our favorite dishes, or finding new recipes, new spices, and new flavors. I think I have the best job in the world. God has blessed me by giving me the opportunity to share and show the love of Christ with so many children. I get to see Jesus grow in these young lives every day, and I am truly excited about what the future holds for each of these children and for our Georges Creek CDC.

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