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Nehemiah: Committed to Revival

The book of Nehemiah recounts the story of the Israelites returning to Jerusalem after years of captivity in Babylon and Persia. They returned to rebuild, but the Jerusalem they returned to was not the Jerusalem they grew up hearing about. The city was desolate, and the people were in great trouble. There was work to be done if this city, this place of worship, and this people were to be revived. Nehemiah and those who returned with him were committed to revival.

When we look around at the state of the church today, when we look around at the state of Christians across the world today, we’re tempted to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work needing to be done. We’re tempted to feel discouraged by how far from God’s standard we are today. We may want revival, but are we willing to work for it? We may hope for revival, but are we willing to participate in God’s plan to see revival. It’s easy to want revival and hope for revival while also remaining passive. The question is, will we commit ourselves to revival as Nehemiah and the Israelites did in their day?