God Wants More For You. So Do We.

Obedience is the Very Best Way- 1 Kings 12:25-33

Worship should be rooted in Obedience not feeling. We are to obey what God’s Word says, not what someone tells us it says.

see if I can get this

0:09well good morning everybody it’s an honor as always to be here I’m excited to get to bring God’s word to you that

0:15music was beautiful this morning wasn’t it and music is obviously God’s word is my

0:21favorite way and prayer to connect with him but outside of God’s word music is my favorite way and music has a way with sticking with us doesn’t it a song that

0:29you heard when you were young that just pops back into you or now as a parent of

0:35a two-year-old all the little toys that they have that I will hear for the rest

0:41of my existence hopefully that’ll go away in eternity and I won’t have to hear those little Jingles anymore but when I Was preparing this and talking

0:49about jeroboam I knew that I wanted to teach about this king and the one word that kept coming to my mind over and

0:56over that I could just tell was what I needed to teach and preach on was the word obedience

1:01and that old children’s song just kept pop back popping into my head obedience is the very best way you know the next

1:08part to show that you believe anybody ever heard that song before anybody else sing

1:14that song ah some people haven’t heard that song I grew up with that song in Sunday school maybe it was my dad said

1:19he heard it my parents are here this morning they taught me Sunday school for a little while so maybe it was just them but I remember that song from when I was

1:26little and it’s true obedience is a very crucial part of our walk with the Lord

1:33right and that’s something that jeroboam we’re going to see struggled with greatly

1:39I want to give us some background context I love teaching about different people from the Bible I love especially

1:46going into the Old Testament and looking at these people and seeing how God was weaving his story through the lies of

1:52these people and I especially love the books of first and second Kings and first and second chronicles there’s so

1:58many incredible stories with details packed into there of not just battles

2:03and assassinations though all that stuff is a lot of fun to read about there’s other stuff in there too and so many

2:09lessons and important truths for us to take from it let’s get a little background to get to where we are here

2:15before this we had Saul was the first king of Israel right and then David

2:20became the next king and then David’s son Solomon was the king and it seemed like the height of Israel’s Kingdom

2:27right Solomon was this great king and he actually asked God for wisdom when he

2:33could have asked for anything else and God granted him that and he even gave him Fame and wealth and power and

2:39prestige alongside his wisdom Solomon used that wisdom to build the

2:44Magnificent Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord for the people to come and gather and worship him there

2:50and they did but just because Solomon had wisdom and a Discerning mind

2:56that didn’t keep him from sin see having wisdom and discernment is

3:02good but if it’s not backed by obedience then it can still end up being worthless see Solomon eventually

3:10started to fall away from the Lord he chose to disobey God’s command he made

3:15he married many foreign women who brought their idol worship into the kingdom and he allowed that idol worship

3:21to happen and it started to pollute the hearts of the people he also instituted forced labor as the main way to build

3:29the temple and for the city to be maintained Solomon wasn’t clearly perfect and he allowed sin to start to

3:35enter his kingdom and because of this because of Solomon’s sin God started to

3:41raise up other leaders and the first person God spoke to was a

3:46man named jeroboam jeroboam was a good leader that Solomon had hand-picked to

3:52be one of the leaders in his labor teams right over those people but as the other

3:58people started to Grumble and complain and rise up jeroboam did the same thing and God actually speaks to him this

4:05wasn’t in our passage I’m going to be reading a decent chunk of scripture for us which we’re in church hopefully

4:10you’re fine with that um this morning but this is back just a little bit from

4:16us where God actually appears and speaks to jeroboam and gives him an incredible

4:22promise a conditional promise but a promise he tells Jerry he sends a

4:27prophet to jeroboam and that Prophet does something pretty interesting he’s wearing a new robe the prophets robes

4:32and garments are very symbolic important and he had that new robe and when he gets to jeroboam he takes that robe off

4:39and he splits it into 12 pieces and he gives 10 of them to jeroboam and this is

4:45what he tells him through the words of God in First Kings 11 starting in verse

4:5137 God’s word to jeroboam is this and I will take you and you shall reign over

4:57all that your soul desires and you shall be king over Israel and if you will listen to all that I command you and

5:03will walk in my ways and do what is right in my eyes by keeping my statutes and my Commandments as David my servant

5:10did I will be with you and will build you a sure house as I built for David and I will give Israel to you he tells

5:19them something incredible he said I’m going to split up the kingdom because of their sin but jeroboam I’m choosing you

5:25and I’m giving you ten of the tribes of Israel and another king will receive the

5:31other two only if you will obey my commands

5:38think about this promise jeroboam I’m going to make you King and I’m going to treat your kingdom like I treated with

5:44David I will make your family a dynasty ruling in here and I will bless you in

5:50your kingdom only if you will obey my commands don’t you wish God would just

5:56give us like a life plan that clear and simple right in our own

6:01lives I wish he had done that for me I I know I’ve I’ve followed his will as best I can for my life but man that would

6:07have made it real good if he had just sent a prophet and laid it out for me okay that’s all I got to do great so

6:13jeroboam obeys right wrong well the very first things we see happen

6:20is he disobeys so right after that Solomon hears about this so he chases uh

6:25well all the names sorry jeroboam he chases jeroboam out of the Kingdom kind of makes sense doesn’t want someone to

6:32overthrow his kingdom but then after Solomon dies his son rehoboam becomes the king and rehoboam decided by

6:39listening to bad advice which is a whole nother sermon for another time that instead of treating the people better

6:45than his father did he’s going to treat them worse my favorite quote from that is he said my father beat you with whips

6:52I will beat you with scorpions sounds like a really nice man to be around right so the people start a revolt and

6:59jeroboam becomes a leader in that Revolt he comes back in and starts speaking up as a leading voice and most of the

7:06people or about a big or at least half of them decide to side with him and ten

7:12of the tribes of Israel split off and they follow jeroboam to the north

7:18and now we have two kingdoms they they made it a little bit confusing at one point it was all Israel but now jeroboam

7:24is the king of Israel in the North and then the other was the kingdom of Judah

7:30and rehoboam would have technically two tribes there was Judah and Benjamin Benjamin Had become so small at that

7:37time that they were basically a sub-tribe of Judah and so the kingdom there became Judah and now we have

7:44jeroboam what’s he going to do in Israel right we know rehoboam didn’t seem like a great king he was very violent and

7:51mean towards his people but we have jeroboam that God specifically said I picked you jeroboam and if you obey me

7:58I’m gonna bless your kingdom and your family line is going to be the rulers in the dynasty here in Israel so what does

8:05he do he disobeys that’s the story that Joseph read for us

8:11in verses 25 through 33 what he does is he gets worried after some time passes

8:20he realizes that he has a problem his Kingdom of Israel was up in the north

8:25and rehoboams was in the South and I know that seems like random geography but here’s the problem the southern Kingdom of Judah contained Jerusalem

8:32which contained the temple and see the Jewish people the very devout ones they knew that at least once

8:40a year most of them would go at least three times a year but at least once a year they had to go to the temple to

8:46offer their sacrifices for forgiveness to the high priest and there were many other festivals that they would go to

8:53and gather together as a body of Believers in Yahweh to worship together and so jeroboam says I have a problem I

9:01don’t have the temple here and if the people multiple times a year are going down south and they’re going to go there

9:08and they’re going to see the beauty of the temple they’re going to see the Grandeur of Jerusalem and they’re going

9:13to think man why are we living up there when we can just go down here let’s just

9:19move let’s just stay down there and he said I’m going to lose my people or as Joseph read they might even want to kill

9:26me they might start thinking maybe this wasn’t as good an idea as we thought why don’t we just get rid of King jeroboam

9:32and let’s just let rayboam take over everything again maybe he’ll get better and so instead of seeking counsel from

9:39the Lord and asking what God wants to do he makes a much bigger mistake

9:45he decides to take matters into his own hands he came up with a plan our passage

9:51reads that he takes counsel and made two calves of gold and he said to the people

9:57you have gone up to Jerusalem long enough behold your Gods o Israel who brought you out of the land of Egypt and

10:04he set one in Bethel and the other in Dan and that thing became a sin for the

10:10people or a sin for the people went as far as Dan to be before one he decided to come up with his own

10:16version of the religion let’s have the people worship God here they don’t got

10:23to go all the way to Jerusalem to worship God you can do it here you can do it this way and he was strategic in

10:30where he picked these places if you had a little if your Bible has a map you might be able to see ancient Jerusalem

10:35or ancient Israel in the back of it but Dan was a city in the northernmost edge

10:41of his Kingdom of Israel so the people that lived in the northern region would

10:46think huh we don’t have to spend months traveling for a festival for the sacrifices we can go here to Dan Bethel

10:54was even more strategic Bethel was on the major highway at the southernmost

10:59tip of his kingdom that everyone would have to go through on their way to

11:04Jerusalem if they were on their way in a pilgrimage to the temple they would have to pass through Bethel anyway well hey

11:10guess what here’s an altar jeroboam says you can worship up here you don’t have

11:16to go all the way down there and so he sets up these altars he sets

11:21up these bowls there which I find it interesting that he repeats the exact same line where did someone answer we

11:29don’t normally do this in a sermon but it’s fine I’m a school teacher so someone answered me where did we hear that line before here are your Gods o

11:36Israel who brought you out of the land of Egypt does that sound familiar to anybody

11:42what on Mount Sinai when Moses is on the mount getting the Ten Commandments what

11:49do the people do so quickly they look at Aaron and say hey

11:55he’s probably dead guess he’s not coming back so build us some Gods to worship

12:00wow how quickly people fall away from obedience to God right and so Aaron makes these this golden

12:07calf and he says behold your God that brought you out of the land of Egypt

12:12you know you’d think that people would have learned from that time but no

12:19and I also find it interesting to me that this is what they go after

12:25yes idol worship had become a problem in the Kingdom thanks to Solomon and his

12:30wives but I want you to understand here the main people that jeroboam is trying to keep around are not the Pagan Idol

12:38worshipers or else he wouldn’t have said this he’s trying to keep the faithful ones he’s

12:44worried about the people who love Yahweh and want to go to the the temple because that’s what they’re commanded to do he’s

12:50trying to keep those obedient people there so he’s not getting rid of Yahweh worship instead he’s trying to change it

12:59but you know the Israelites or I’m sorry I gotta have myself but uh he was trying to change the religion to

13:05fit into how he wanted it to be he made these bulls and a lot of scholars

13:12believe that the way that most of these religions would view these Bulls on these altars was actually similar to the

13:18way people treated the Ark of the Covenant they the Ark of the Covenant was where the spirit of God rested there

13:25in the Temple and so a lot of other Pagan uh religions would view these Bulls as a resting place for their God

13:32almost as a seating or as a seat that they would come and sit upon and so he builds these Bulls because that was just

13:38a popular Pagan Idol image then and says this is where God’s spirit can be you

13:44can just worship God here this way and I wondered why did these faithful

13:51people struggle with that so easily so quickly they just fall into it well Israel has already struggled with

13:58treating the things of God as an idol in the past in fact one time they treated the Ark of the Covenant itself as an

14:05idol for sake of time I’ll try to recite the story for you but it’s from first Samuel chapter four it’s where the

14:11Israelites are going into a battle and the Philistines are gathered together and the Israelites are thinking man

14:18there’s a big army of the Philistines we need the Ark of the Covenant here not because they think they need God’s

14:25help they literally thought the Ark of the Covenant if it just showed up if they just had it with them that suddenly

14:32everything would be better and they would get super human strength to take the Army down so the priests in an

14:38unbiblical way in a disobedient way took the Ark of the Covenant from where it was supposed to be brought it to the

14:44battlefield and the whole thing backfired I love the it’s it’s a very fun read to go and read it because the

14:50Philistines you think they’re starting to freak out they go oh the Jews just

14:55brought in the Ark of the Covenant they’ve brought their God into the camp see they had that wrong and so did the

15:01Israelites but they say so everyone man up their gods with them so we got to fight

15:07harder than normal in the Philistines just decimate the army of the Israelites and the Ark of the Covenant even gets

15:13captured by the Philistines for a Time the Israelites have already been struggling with treating the things of

15:19God as an idol in Disobedience so they’re starting to do it now as well this is jeroboam’s

15:26biggest problem here jeroboam is what we call a pragmatist

15:31pragmatism says this if it’s if it works then it must be right right

15:39as long as it’s easier if it works if the ends justify the means right then it

15:45must be correct but is that how worshiping and serving

15:50God actually goes no see he started to change things that

15:56aren’t supposed to be changed he looks and says you don’t have to go to the temple God commanded you to go to to

16:02worship you can go right here you don’t have you know how God said in the second commandment there Thou shalt

16:09not create any Graven image let’s disregard that it’s fine God knows your heart you can go to this bull and still

16:15worship Yahweh that’s fine oh you don’t have to gather for all those feasts like

16:21God said you’re supposed to do which is so good for the unity of the Believers no you can just do it in your own

16:27Hometown you don’t got to go any farther you can do it this way and doesn’t that sound better he even changes his own

16:34feasts he even takes people that were not Levites and says you can be priests it doesn’t matter if you’re called by

16:41God you can be a priest you get to be in charge he takes the Oprah effect right you be a priest you get to be a priest

16:47you’re all priests and then he even says I’m going to be the high priest and sets himself up as that

16:58you know it’s sad that we see this kind of pragmatism in our own churches today don’t we

17:04you know when people say things like you know it doesn’t matter how we grow the church as long as it’s growing

17:10doesn’t matter what kind of practices we do it doesn’t matter if we’re actually following biblical commands if we get more people then it must be true it must

17:17be good more people more bodies in the seats means it’s God’s will right

17:24no so what if our music has Blasphemous lyrics

17:29and enough smokes and mirrors and lights to distract people from the actual worship that’s supposed to be happening

17:35if people are feeling it if they’re loving it it must be good right

17:40so what if we’ve grown so large that our members become nothing but a number instead of finding connection and

17:46discipleship as long as we’re growing God must be working right

17:52just because it seems right to us does not mean that it is right a few weeks ago Alex even mentioned this proverb in

17:59his own sermon and it’s come back again for us here Proverbs 14 12 says there’s a way that seems right to a man but the

18:06its end is the way of death just because something feels right to us if it’s not

18:11what God’s word says it is not right

18:17I want this to be the first thing you take away from this message is this that worship must be rooted in obedience not

18:25in our feelings worship must be rooted in obedience not in our feelings there will be feelings

18:32involved sure there’s has been many times where I’ve been in a state of worship of God and

18:38yes there’s going to be a feeling there but I we could go to some other big church and a big stage and I’ve been to

18:45these places before and they know how to get a feeling out of you when they have that speaker who’s a great orator knows

18:53how to say the right things the right way to make you feel an emotion they know how to get the the lights aimed

18:59just right that little um I love it whenever the little keyboard comes in while a pastor’s speaking to make you

19:05feel that emotion he wants you to feel better they know how to do all those things but just because you feel

19:10something doesn’t mean it’s true doesn’t mean it’s good and doesn’t mean it’s the way God wants you to worship jeroboam

19:16was corrupting the worship of his people and because he was their leader the

19:21people were following right behind him and it said the one thing jeroboam did

19:27to try to save his kingdom is the thing that ultimately destroyed it

19:32God said because of jeroboam’s sin and leading his people to do this eventually

19:38his people would lose their Promised Land not forever but they would be taken

19:43from it as slaves once again into a foreign land and this would happen because of

19:50jeroboam did you know that this one sin of pragmatism of getting his people to

19:55start worshiping God in a sinful way would then be used for the rest of first

20:01and second Kings as The Benchmark for sinful Kings every other time it would mention a king

20:07of Israel which by the way Israel did not have a single Godly King

20:12Judah had a few but especially towards the end their kings just got more wicked and more wicked Israel didn’t have a

20:19single Godly King and every time it would mention a king and it would say and they did was what was evil in the

20:26sight of the Lord just as jeroboam did before him

20:32this was a big deal to God how we worship is a big deal to God we

20:37must be obedient in our worship not do it in what in a way that feels right to

20:44us church I pray that we would always remain a church that seeks to obey God first in all things in the way that we

20:51worship and the way that we serve the community in the ways that we gather together here may God’s will be done not

20:58ours amen so God strikes jeroboam down right then it moves on right

21:04no still wrong jeroboam is actually given a chance to hear God’s judgments

21:10and repent a prophet is sent from God to the altar at Bethel while jeroboam was

21:15there performing his wrongful Priestly duties this Prophet comes up and instead it’s actually interesting I don’t have

21:21time to get into it but instead of speaking straight to jeroboam he’s it’s the first time into my knowledge the

21:27only time a prophecy is given to an inanimate object the prophet speaks to the altar and he shows up and he curses The Altar

21:34and he gives a prophecy that’s awesome it would be revealed by name about 300

21:39years years later this Prophet says that one day this very altar would be

21:45desecrated and destroyed by a king named Josiah you can go into I mean later

21:50there would be a Jew a king of Judah named Josiah who would want to reform the kingdom to serve God the correct way

21:56and Obey him and he would do this very thing and he says to jeroboam that this altar

22:02even this day is going to be torn down in its ashes poured out to show its Disobedience that’s what the reference

22:09to our scripture reading that Michael read for us this morning was that Aaron’s sons were worshiping God in an

22:15incorrect way and so those ashes were poured out and God was saying that this is not how I’m supposed to be worshiped

22:22so jeroboam though doesn’t repent instead the Bible says he reaches out his hand and says seize him he says I

22:30don’t want to hear all this stuff I like the way I’m doing it stop that man and God actually causes his hand to wither

22:36up and he can’t pull it he can’t even pull it back to himself and while his hand is

22:41Frozen in place the Bible says the altar is destroyed it’s torn down we don’t know exactly if someone came and tore it

22:48down or if God just miraculously made it fall down but the prophet’s words came true to show that he was speaking truth

22:54the altar was torn down and then God even restored the king’s hand to him

22:59God is a gracious God right he gives him his hand back as once again trying to

23:04get jeroboam’s attention jeroboam I’m trying to get you to hear me you’re

23:10supposed to obey me you still have a chance you got your hand back you can still make things right

23:15and yet he doesn’t jeroboam continues on his way but then we get to a very interesting part and an

23:23addition to the story you should always ask yourselves when you read the Bible why is this here we get to a weird story

23:28that happens next that Prophet that came and spoke against the Altar and spoke to jeroboam uh he has to go home now right

23:36so jeroboam looks at him and says hey thanks for you know praying to God and restoring my hand for me so why don’t

23:42you come back to the king or through the palace and I’ll feed you and give you a reward and the prophet says I cannot go

23:50back with you because God instructed me that I could not eat or drink while I was here nor can I go back the same way

23:57that I came so I’ve got to obey the Lord and do what he says a good start for

24:02this Prophet right so he goes on his way but then there’s another Prophet from

24:08Bethel who hears that this man was there and he wants to go meet him so he catches up with him on the road and he

24:13says hey you should come back and eat with me and the prophet repeats what God said I can’t do that because God

24:20commanded I can’t eat or drink or go back the way that I came but the old Prophet said this to him

24:26this is in chapter 13 verses 18 through 19. listen to what this man says

24:33here it is he said to him I also am a prophet as you are and an angel spoke to me by the

24:40word of the Lord saying bring him back with you into your house that he may eat bread and drink water

24:45but he lied to him so the man went back with him and ate

24:51bread in his house and drank water he disobeys his command but then look

24:57what happens next and as they sat at the table the word of the Lord came to the old Prophet who had

25:03brought him back and he cried to the man of God who came from Judah thus says the Lord because you have disobeyed the word

25:09of the Lord and have not kept the command that the Lord your God commanded you but have come back and have eaten

25:14bread and drunk water in the place of which he said to you eat no bread and drink no water your body shall not come

25:21to the tomb of your fathers that man would leave and try to go back home and then a lion would meet him on

25:28the path and would kill him before he could make it home it seems like a weird story to interject

25:34into the middle of what’s happening with jeroboam and rehoboam and the kingdom but it all continues this idea of

25:40obedience that we’re supposed to be following here because this man had a message that he

25:46knew was from the Lord he knew for a fact that God spoke to him and said

25:51you’re supposed to do this and then another man who called himself a prophet

25:57said well God told me this and instead of questioning why that

26:02Prophet was contradicting something God said he listens and he suffers the ultimate

26:08consequence because of his Disobedience here’s the other thing I want you to take away from this church we are to

26:14obey what God’s word says not what someone tells us it says

26:20let me say that again we are to obey what God’s word says not what someone tells us it says that might sound weird

26:28coming from someone telling you what God’s word says right but I want you to hear this I hope

26:35you don’t leave here after a service and think wow I learned so much from Jordan and Alex today

26:41no if you learn something from here and I certainly hope you do it’s only because we are telling you what the

26:47Bible says see preaching’s an interesting job if we are ever teaching something new we’ve messed up

26:55I’m never supposed to teach you anything new if it came from if it doesn’t I

27:01can’t talk if it doesn’t come from here then I shouldn’t be telling it to you I’m simply finding a new way to explain

27:08it to you I know Alex would agree with me in saying this but if for some reason we

27:16were to ever preach anything from this Pulpit that contradicts what God’s word says then don’t blindly trust us just

27:23because we’re your pastors call us out on it I told my students this all the time I want them to know that they can

27:29trust me but if for some reason I ever say anything that does go against this or that it sounds weird to them or maybe

27:36they just I have haven’t learned it before I don’t want them to just take my word for it I don’t want you to just

27:42take mine or Alex or Joseph’s word for it we want you to take God’s word for it

27:49there was even one time early in my Ministry when I was teaching my youth group and I wish I could remember what

27:55the passage was and I didn’t say anything Blasphemous but I said something that I had interpreted wrong and there was a student there was a high

28:02school boy that came to me after that Wednesday night lesson and he brought a question he was like hey you said this

28:08in the lesson but I was reading this it was really cool because he actually read the context he didn’t listen to the rest of my message but that’s fine because he

28:14fixed something and he said I don’t think that this is what you like I don’t think what you said is actually what it

28:20means and I looked at it with him and guess what he was right

28:25and that was an awesome moment because I got to see someone following God’s word and not me and that’s what it’s supposed

28:32to be there’s way too many people out there today church you can just turn the TV on

28:38On Any Sunday morning or afternoon right that say that they’re reading the Bible that say that they’re a pastor there’s

28:44even people out there that call themselves Apostles so and so and they say that they’re speaking God’s truth to

28:49you the church just because they say it doesn’t make it true amen if it doesn’t match up to the words in

28:57here then it is not true and I pray that I never do speak anything from this

29:03Pulpit or anywhere in my life that doesn’t come from this I know Alex and Joseph and all the

29:08leaders here believe the same thing we must obey what this says

29:14not just what someone tells us it says

29:19so here’s a couple application questions to close this out is a is Disobedience getting in the way

29:26of your worship and listen don’t tune this question out just because you think you’re fine oh I worship just fine I

29:33show up on Sundays and I feel great when I worship whoa wait a minute that might be the problem it’s not based

29:39on our feelings it’s based on our Obedience of him

29:44I’ve had to tackle that question in my own heart this week have you been pragmatic in your

29:50Christian Life do you only come to church when it’s easy do you try to do your things your

29:56way because God’s way is just too hard well listen God’s way is for us to be

30:02holy as he is Holy and that is hard right it’s hard to be as holy as God is

30:07Holy but he’s shown us what we’re supposed to do in the effort to reach that you know

30:14one of my favorite authors Kevin De Young wrote a book called The Hole in our Holiness and he writes in that book

30:19that the main thing that keeps us from being as holy as we could be is our lack of obedience to God’s command we love to

30:26show up and hear Pastor Alex preach another incredible sermon and we love to know that he’s preaching

30:32truth and it feels good at the last few months before last Sunday were pretty convicting maybe they were negative

30:37feelings but they’re good negative feelings to convict you of our unworthiness

30:43but we walk out and then that’s just it we have to actually obey it

30:49I pray that each of us in here would want to be as wise and Discerning as Solomon but even Solomon fell in his

30:55obedience to the Lord we can’t follow a way that seems right to us just because it feels right

31:01because that way might lead to death we need to follow what God’s word says

31:07or do you allow something that someone says is from God’s word into your heart I hope not

31:13I hope that you test everything you hear and place it next to this book to see if it is truth and if it is from God

31:20because we obey God rather than man you know we can try to do this life our

31:26own way but as I said as the proverb says that leads to death but as that old children song that at least I knew

31:32Growing Up So wisely says obedience is the very best way to show

31:37that you believe and I pray that if we’re struggling that this morning that’s something God can

31:42work on in our hearts we’re gonna go into a time of invitation this morning

31:48but I want us to know that the first step in anyone’s obedience to

31:53God if you haven’t taken this step yet is realizing your need for God

32:00and if you haven’t started that step of faith in Christ in repenting of your sins and realizing that you you need

32:07salvation you can’t save yourself being obedient to God and being holy like he is is hard and it’s impossible without

32:15him but just as God was extending that Grace to jeroboam despite his wickedness he

32:21extends that Grace to each of us don’t turn him away like that King did accept

32:26that offer of Grace that Jesus is bringing to you this morning he wants you to turn from your wickedness if

32:32you’ve struggled with disobeying him you don’t have to keep struggling we’re all we’re never going to be

32:37perfect in this life but we can follow after Christ and receive that Grace that he’s offering to

32:43each of us if you haven’t done that this morning I pray that you would I’ll be down here for prayer if you want to pray

32:50where you are or at the altar if there’s something in your life that’s kept you from your worship or from obeying God in

32:56the way that you’re supposed to I pray that you would get that settled with him this morning so um we’re going to have a

33:02Hymn of invitation which is Grace greater than our sin what a

33:08fitting one okay so if you would stand and we’ll sing that together