God Wants More For You. So Do We.

The Heart and Goal of our Fall Festival

Hey everyone! As we are looking forward to the fall festival, I wanted to write a quick explanation of why the missions team chose to use this event to seek to reach the community with the gospel. My hope is that this will help everyone understand the purpose and vision of this event, as well as encourage unity around Christ in our endeavors. As a church, we are called to minister to our community and those within our sphere of influence. By God’s grace, we have a wonderful Child Development Center that’s a field ready for the harvest. It’s one of the greatest ministry opportunities our church has, so with our fall festival, we will specifically be trying to reach our CDC families, to share the gospel with them, and to build relationships with them. But why a fall festival?

The primary reason the missions team chose to use this type of event is because it helps to create opportunities for sharing the gospel both now and in the future.

This is because the primary goal of the missions team is to foster relationships with people in the community that create platforms and opportunities for the spread of the gospel. Our hope is that we will be able to introduce the biblical gospel to people in a clear and concise way through our gospel presentation time; however, a five-minute gospel presentation is not the normative way we see salvations and transformation happen. Within our culture, there is a natural gravitation towards Christian sensationalism, the desire to see large movements of faith without a desire to commit to biblical disciple-making. Thus, while one of the goals of our church is (most definitely!) to see people come to Christ, our goal is not that our fall festival will be a one-and-done type of event where we’re trying to force all the salvations to happen now. This plays into our disciple-making strategy.

Our disciple-making strategy is to create opportunities for the continual sharing of the gospel in a person’s life by establishing a relationship with that person.

Oftentimes when we read about the massive movements of faith in the New Testament (specifically the book of Acts), we have a desire to replicate that. That’s a good desire! However, we must recognize that while we share the same goal as the Christian evangelists in the book of Acts, we live in a different time and situation. In their culture, there were accepted places where people could go and teach about the Scriptures in a culturally accepted way (e.g. the synagogue). In our modern culture, we do not have places that are naturally conducive for sharing the gospel. Because of this, part of our job as disciple-makers is to create platforms to share the gospel. One of the best ways we can do this within our culture is to establish a personal relationship with a person and share the gospel with them continually. This is why at the fall festival, not only will we be sharing the gospel with people, we’ll have a registration table that we will use to connect with people.

Our mission doesn’t stop after a one-time presentation of the gospel.

We want to continually present the gospel with, build relationships with, and disciple the same people. Thus, we’re praying that the first part of the event will begin that process of sharing the gospel continually with the same people, but the work doesn’t stop there! We need to make connections with people so that we can share the gospel with them again so that we can learn about their understanding of God and address it with Scripture, and so that we can show them how all of Scripture points to the human need for Christ, and the fulfillment humans find in Christ. This is why both the gospel presentation and the fun/games element are both important. We want to use both as a way of advancing the Kingdom of God.

            I hope that this has been a helpful resource in explaining the thought behind the fall festival and its vision. Please continue to pray for the missions team and those involved. That is an essential part of the work as well! If you would like to volunteer, please let me know. I love you all very deeply Georges Creek!